Safe Space

The festival in Edipest is a harmonious, open, protected and pleasant space. We strive to give maximum free and authentic expression of movement, body and encounters.

Be sensitive and human and respect the boundaries and personal space of those around you.

This is a practice event open to everyone, please be alert and sensitive to yourself, your surroundings and others

It is important that we create a safe and fun space together where we can dance-move-create

Take responsibility for your safety and enjoyment

Take time to warm up

Be attentive to your limitations and make it clear to others about injuries and sensitive-vulnerable places in your body.

Communicate in any way (verbally, physically…) when you want to slow down. For example, when there is too much effort \ weight \ emotional load. Know how to say “enough”, find an end to the dance and thank your spouse.

If you don’t want to dance with someone, don’t dance with them. You can politely refuse, for example: “I still need to warm up \ I prefer to dance with people at my dance level \ I don’t really want to dance, I’m more into backgammon…”

Contact-improvisation or dance, is not sexual, although it can be very sensual. It’s up to you to decide what contact and with whom you feel comfortable.

It is important that you respect your body and that of others. If you find yourself in a situation that doesn’t suit you, we encourage you to feel free to stop it immediately, share about your feelings and seek support from the facilitators \ organizers \ friends \ from anyone in whose company you feel comfortable.

Keep your eyes open, all the time. Soft focus is excellent. Try to practice soft spatial vision.

Before starting the dance, remove any accessory that could get stuck/scratched/caught – watches, bracelets, earrings. It is recommended to wear comfortable, non-restrictive and non-slip clothing. If you tend to sweat a lot, you should bring a towel and an extra shirt with you.

Do not hold on to your partners, especially not by the legs and hands, which are used for landing and stabilization.



It is very important to us to create a safe environment and therefore we will show zero tolerance for any manifestation of violence or harassment in our space.

If something happened and you got hurt, (we really hope it doesn’t happen) there is a qualified assistant to support in real time in the event.

You can apply at any time during the festival and after it
For Honor
and by email:

[email protected]


As part of our efforts on the subject, we are sending all the facilitators at the festival guidelines and a code of ethics, in which they undertake to accept our rules and maintain a professional and healthy distance from the participants.

If you click here you can read our code of ethics

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