Body-Fest's Manifesto

At the heart of this festival is the belief that everyone has the ability to dance. That we are all meant to dance, regardless if we have experience or not.
Every individual has a body, the body is intended to move, express, connect. Our bodies are meant to dance, to speak this language. This is one of the bodies gifts.

From the dawn of humanity, dance has always existed as a gateway to connect man with himself and the divine. It has existed as a way of expression, as art, as a means of communication, as a gateway to ecstasy and transcendence, with or without music and as a means of therapy and healing.

Endless methods, ways, currents, techniques, and approaches have evolved and been created throughout history. Currently as if in a new renaissance, more and more currents and methods are born. Methods that combine East and Western approaches or methods that combine stream of dance, or simply new forms of movement.

This festival is the festival of the body. The human body is our home- it has the ability to create within it and around it. In this festival we want to give the body a variety of options; to give the body space to explore and learn. When you come to our festival and wander around, you can choose, experiment, and experience what will call and suit you. Let your body lead.

We want to give the stage to leading creators, artists and facilitators, to create a common space that is entirely dedicated to the body. A space where for a few days we gather, live and dance together. Speaking the language of the body. For a moment, we leave our daily routine and life behind and surrender to the movements that comes.

This is a place where you can dance how you want, what you want, in your own body, your own way, alone or together, fly with your body into freedom.

Come Dance Your Dance!

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