Facilitators and Workshops

Here you can meet the festival teachers for the first time, read about them, get impressed and inspired.
Understand what topic attracts you at the festival, and see the options to the kind of enriching experience you would like to experience with us.

This list will eventually consist of 25 senior teachers who teach in different styles.

They will teach in any of our 6 complexes where workshops. The workshops will change every two hours; from the morning through to the evening. In the evenings the whole festival gathers in one place for dance performances and a free dance party going into the night.

Avshalom latucha

Eyal Shemesh

Ilanit Tadmor

Ella Greenbaum

Alon Karniel

Amir Zalait & Yska Ruzitsky

Anna Gorenstein

Aseem Shaul Braha

Billy Lee Fogel

hadar geva

yuval finkelshtein

Liron Nina galanos

Moran zilberberg

Maya Yogel

Michal Mazar

Michal Mechlovitch

Nadav Sharon

Njruz Kofty

Nitzan gil

Sahara Piksie

Sivan Yamin & Julia Levi

Smadar Richka

Snunit Baraban

Adi Argov

Adi Zalinger

Adi Peleg & Arnon Kesler

Amitai Haberman

Inbar Ronnen

Eran Shimshi

Shahar alush

Shahar Hadad & Tomer Wasserman

Sharon Gal

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