Complex- Location

Our Location – The Jewish Arab Community Center in Jaffa

We are happy to host you at the renewed and renovated Jewish Arab Community Center in Jaffa. A lovely and large complex in front of the sea. We found everything we were looking in order for the festival to have the best conditions and off course for you.

The Complex Includes:
  •  6 large halls, well-equipped and air-conditioned studio spaces; where we will hold our classes. Among them is a huge sports hall.
  • A large yard where we can rest and sit. There we can also enjoy our meals.
  • A huge lawn overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
  • It is located right next to the green slope park of Jaffa, 100m from the beach. Bring swimwear and take a swimming break.
  • Free parking (even the parking is with a sea view).
  • It is not possible to stay overnight. The festival will happen every day between 10:00am – 23:00pm.
  • Address: 10 Kedem Street, Jaffa


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